Botilinum toxin is a poison which is secreted from a bacterianamed Clostridium botilinum which is also responsible for food poisoning and it is also a kind of protein that causes temporary paralysis in nerves. This poison has been produced in 1980 and has been used in various patients’ treatments with low concentrate . It is commonly used in pain treatments, diplopia and muscle hardening treatments which are seen in paralysis patients. Since 1995 its usage in the treatment and inhibition of mimic wrinkles is approved from FDA .Furthermore it is also commonly used in over-sweating treatments in last 5 years.

With Botox, the most efficient results are gotten in the treatment of facial lines (glabella, forehead, and goosefoot). Moreover it is also used successfully in the treatments of lift of the tip of nose, mimical lines in lips .

For wrinkle treatment, the muscles which are responsible for wrinkles are given certain concentrate drugs and get temporary paralyzed. After 5 days of application, the effect in the muscles will be notable. The effect is permanent for 4-6 months. If the application is not done again, the muscles gain their former functions after 4-6 months.

Forover-sweating, it is applied to over sweating areas such as hand, leg and arm pit. Botox gives a control of sweating for 6-8 months. Before Botox application over-sweating areas are determined and marked with iodine-amyl method. The application is done with pain control which is provided from topical anesthesia application and cryogen spray.


What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (enriched thrombosis plasma) shortly PRP is the name of application. The blood taken from the patient is goes through a special process and decomposes. The enriched thrombosis plasma is obtained and injected to the same patient for skin rejuvenation.

Enriched Thrombosis Application (PRP)

PRP application is very effective to heal scars, wrinkles, stains and hair loss. Application of your own blood gives very effective results.

When Thrombosis which is concentrated in plasma injected to skin, growth factors that are inside these,trigger reproductionof collagen and new capillary vessels which makes the skin renew faster.

How is PRP Applied?

Patient’s blood is taken in a sterilized place and goes through a process in a centrifuge device. Red blood cells and white blood cells split and enriched thrombosis part decompose on the upper side.This plasma will be injected to the application area and this process takes 30 minutes.

Right after the operation a shineon the skin will appear. After 3 or 4 applications clear effects will be seen.

What are the Application Areas?

In aesthetic purposed applications, body parts such as face, neck, hands, legs, arms

After peeling with laser applications to renew skin fastly.

Recovery of wrinkles, sags that occurred due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, regaining of elasticity and shine

Hair loss treatments and in other treatments as assistant.

Also it can especiallybe used in sagging areas that occur due to aging for filling purposes.

After 3 or 4 sessions that can be done once a month, if it is repeated once a year, the effect of treatment will be equivalent to long term effect.