It is a method that can be used in solution of under eyebags, wisdom lines and purple spots.

Due to the life style and thepassing time some differences will occur on skin and especially around the eye like increasing of skin dehydration,weakening of muscle tissue, dropping of eyelids due to lack of elasticity and appearance ofwisdom lines . Withaging lower eyelids are also startto drop. With the accumulation of liquids and oils, eyebagsoccur and due to gravity they spread down to cheekbones.

Light filling is a method that is applied to eye contours, purple circles, wisdom lines and under eyebags that appear due to genetic factor ,stressor circulatory disorders.

How is it applied?

The product t is applied to eye contour with a slim needle under doctor control and this method is applied once a week for 4 weeks. Application effects can be seen from first week.It is not only used for women but also for men and from first session the effect can be seen.

What Are the Results of Light Filling?

Increase in Micro blood circulation

Elasticity in eye contour

Recovery in eye contour wrinkles