A contusion occurs in the vessels feeding the hair as a result of the chronic spasm formed due to various psychological reasons such as Stress. The hairs which are not fed as a result of decreasing blood flow are in danger of hair loss. The veins in the surrounding muscles relax with the treatment of hair Botox . The botulismus toxin which forms the basic material of the application, provide continuous opening of veins in the hairless regions or regions with rare hair and provide the region with more blood.During the 6-8 months in which botox effect continues, the hairs become healthy and gain resistance to loss. Due to the scarcity of session numbers (1-2 in a year) it is a preferred treatment method.


It is possible to prevent hair loss and increase the efficiency of the hair transplantation operation with the stem cell treatment method .This treatment is done with the injection of the blood taken from the patient to the hairless,sparseor newly transplanted region after being separated into its thrombocytes and leukoctyes with a special method.The thrombocytes shelter the blood’s growth factors. When the growth factors are transformed into an active form with DNA activator and injected to the hairy skin, the decrease in the hair loss and the increase in the hair quality appear. This method which strengthens the hairy region by providing the renewal of the tissue does not cause any allergic situation or adverse effects as it is being done with the patient’s own blood. After being applied in 3 sessions once a month, if a control session is done once in a year, the desired result can be obtained.


EXAMINATION :The examination of the patient by our doctors and hair analysis operations is the first stage of the operation. With the examination, it is decided whether the patient is appropriate for hair transplantation.

PLANNING:It is done by the expert doctors just before the operation and it is accepted as the most important stage of having natural hairs.

CHECK-UP:If possible, it should be done 3 days before the operation or in the operation morning. This way , the problem of the patient which creates risks can be determined and measures can be taken.

LOCAL ANESTHESIA:It is applied to the hairy skin with very small needles .It is done for the patient not to feel any pain during whole operation. A serum in which contains antibiotic, painkiller and medicines preventing the swelling of the face after the operationis administered to the patient with IV.The patient does not feel any pain, however s/he stays awake and his/her contact with his/her surroundings continues. During the whole operation, s/he spends his/her time with talking with the team, listening music or watching TV.

TAKING GRAFTS :It is done following a short operation which should definitely be made by the doctors anis called TISSUE TEST. Each graft (follicles having roots inside) is taken one by one carefully with FUE motor over neck and ear, after how many roots it have carried is determined (they can carry single, two and sometimes more than three roots), it is placed inside the liquid in the special heat after being counted. This stage takes approximately 2 hours.

TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS OF GRAFTS :It is an operation done after all grafts which are required to be taken are taken. With a method which is specific, the photograph of all grafts are taken and included to the patient’s records. This situation is the most important evidence of the fact that all of the number of the graft promised to the patient is transferred to them.

OPENING OF CANALS:It is the continuation of front hair line above mentioned and it is important for natural results. The canals (holes in which the roots are placed) are again opened with a specific method . The angles of the canals are determined by sticking to the angles of the hairs which have been available in this region previously. Which means, the natural appearance of the hairs after growing and easiness of combing to desired direction have been obtained. Due to the special devices used for opening canals,leaving of any scars in the transplantation region can been prevented. This operation takes approximately 1 hour.

GRAFT’S TRANSPLANTATION:It is a very special operation in which the single roots are transplanted front and double and triple roots are transplanted back according to the planning that the doctors make. After the canal opening operation, all of the grafts taken are placed inside of special canals which are opened at the previous stage and the ‘hair transplantation’ operation has been completed. This operation takes approximately 2 hours.

STARTING OF HAIR GROWTH:It is a process which is mostly completed in 8 months and rarely takes one year. The hairs located at the edge of the transplanted roots are broken and lost within the first 2-3 weeks. The transplanted roots take their place under the skin within approximately one week and start to appear within 3 months. In 8-10 months, 97% of the transplanted hairs grow. You can grow, dye, scrap off your own growing hair as you wish and comb it in the direction you prefer.