Skin rejuvenation with laser is a method which is new and applied successfully in aesthetic dermatology. It is a process that is invasive and used for removal of age-associated marks in face, neck, breast and hands. It works with the principle of increasing derma collagen tissue productivity.

How is it done?

For skin rejuvenation Er-YAG laser is used. In skin rejuvenation with laser,theskin will be smoothed by removal of very thin layer from the top of the skin and wrinkles will fade.

After treatment

In the skin that was cured with laser, new colleen histogenesis develops and cells that are younger and have high water retention value will appear whichmake the skin fresh and stretched . Operation time is approximately 1 hour. It is applied under general anesthesia or. IV sedation . Staying in the hospital is not necessary. “Going back to work” happens in two weeks. The pinkness in the face will fade in 3-6 months.