About Us

ILA Health Tourism Consultancy aims to provide services to individuals who are potentially in the search of cosmetic medical services, including cosmetic dental consulting services both in the UK and abroad.

Your health and wellbeing is our priority. We aim to find the right type of medical facility, doctor and place to suit you and your needs. We provide services like medical facility and doctor consultation services. Along with the correct type of accommodation, transportation.

These services will be including identifying your needs and budgets for you.

ILA offers the right treatment with the appropriate budget for those who will come abroad for treatment. Upon patient request, All of his/her travel preparations will be taken successfully by our expert travel consultants starting from his/her place of residence until returning home.

Our purpose of existence is to provide the right services for the patients seeking health outside their country (health tourism), especially in the name of treatment, and to provide the best and right price, and to provide the right, necessary treatment as a service by combining the philosophy of the way and Human Service continues.

We offer treatment by it's contracted hospitals and via its active and dynamic team of best in-specialty doctors. All of our doctors are specialised in their fields/ treatment and speak foreign language in addition to following up all new Innovations in their specialty.

Based on our experience in the field of Health and Tourism, we are pleased to provide with the full comprehensive services.


ILA Health Tourism Consultancy does not offer medical or legal advice. We aim to provide our customers with access to quality, world-class medical services at affordable prices. The information on www.ilahealthconsultancy.co.uk is intended to present you to some of the basic facts concerning different surgery/treatments. It aims to give you general background information and serve as an introduction to them. The information obtained from this Web site cannot be used to determine whether or not you will have the procedure carried out, nor is it a guarantee of the results or any outcome of the procedure/s you decide to undergo. During the consultations, your surgeon/professional will explain to you in detail how a particular procedure applies to your condition. They are for your information only. Individual results may vary. Ila Health Tourism Consultancy reminds you that all surgeries carry risks of complications, which in case of cosmetic(elective) surgery include dissatisfaction with the results. Ila Health Tourism Consultancy helps you to find medical treatment opportunities abroad. The role of Ila Health Tourism Consultancy is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages. Ila Health Tourism Consultancy does not offer any medical advice and is in no way liable for the actions of third parties. By reading the disclaimer you are aware of and acknowledge the role of Ila Health Tourism Consultancy as described. You further accept that the decision to have medical treatment abroad is your decision and that you are aware of any risks involved.